Clinisys expands its cloud-based EMR product line to Ontario and British Columbia

Edmonton-based Clinisys EMR Inc., a company providing health informatics solutions, today announced its entry into the Ontario and British Columbia markets. Alongside this market expansion, the company also announced a range of its new cloud-based solutions including EMR for Allied Health & Speciality; CliniBill – a stand-alone billing solution; and Patient Portal platform.

Clinisys released its first intelligent-platform EMR product in the Alberta market in late 2012. Since then the company has expanded its product and market range and has collaborated with well-known names in the medical informatics industry. With its latest release, Clinisys has now expanded from its original EMR system for general practitioners to include other areas of family medicine, specialists and the allied health domains. The Patient Portal Platform will allow patients to book appointments and access their medical and prescription history online.
In its three year history, the company has brought forward a range of new-generation software solutions to the healthcare domain providing vital administrative and clinical information to clinicians. “We are excited about the Ontario and BC market entry and are looking forward to further strengthen our vision to be a pan-Canadian EMR solution provider,” said Mehadi Sayed, President and CEO of Clinisys.

Clinisys products are built to run on a variety of platforms designed for new-generation devices such as Android, iOS and Windows, and provide a secure access to patient administration and clinical tasks. Clinisys solutions are designed with the latest interoperable, secure and robust data standards that allow seamless exchange of health information between labs, pharmacies, referral directories, provincial networks and diagnostic devices. In the information technology age where ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to patient records is vital, Clinisys is one of the very few Canadian companies to come up with a range of cross-platform solutions with embedded business intelligence based on the latest and most robust architecture in recent times.

Clinisys solutions are offered through cloud services – this means the data is secured in centralized locations, and can be accessed only by authorized professionals. This network architecture provides a robust backup failover mechanism and alternate access connectivity.

About Clinisys
Clinisys EMR Inc. provides health informatics solutions to the Canadian market. With its head office in Edmonton, Clinisys comprises of professionals from business, IT and health domains. The company started in late 2011 and since then, has brought a variety of cloud-based health IT solutions with built-in business intelligence to the market including Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System, Allied Health EMR, CliniBill and Patient Portal.

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