Software solution for clinics and hospitals

Edmonton, AB September 19, 2012

Edmonton based Clinisys EMR Inc., today announced the debut of their first product, a next generation Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System built for small and mid-sized clinics and hospitals. Clinisys was started almost a year ago by a group of researchers working in the medical analytics domain.

Clinisys EMR is an Enterprise level system that addresses needs of clinics, physicians and administrators to improve patient and practice management. The system is built on next generation technology allowing connectivity to a variety of health networks and devices and also supports mobile platforms.

Clinisys intends to continue its research into health data analytics with additional product releases slated for 2013.

“We are glad to present the results of the innovative research our teams conducted during the past year. Our solution is built on the latest international standards making it a truly interoperable platform for a variety of systems and devices,” says Mehadi Sayed, President and CEO of Clinisys.
Clinisys has its business operations in Edmonton and is supported by its research and development office at the UCSF, San Francisco CA under the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) program.